Teaching Staff


Ray Wise

I have been primarily a healthcare provider for the last 20 years. My role in surgery is a Surgical Technician Contractor. I travel to Hospitals who need my experience to work in Trauma Surgery. I have seen and helped repair many vicious injuries to the human body. I have countless hours exposure to anatomy and have a great understanding of human physiology. This gives me an above average understanding of sensitive areas to focus on during conflict. Paired with my 5 years as a Reserve Deputy for Etowah County Sheriffs Office and my training through Alabama Krav Maga and Combat Survival International, I have the skills necessary to train you to defend yourself.  I have been a Martial Arts practitioner for over 10 years and love teaching my students to become better than what they think is possible.

Certified Level 3 Commando Krav Maga Instructor. Credentials at commandokravmaga.com

            Journeyman and Teacher of Kali.                                Under Guro Stanley Tippins                    and Guro Leon Slappey

Guro Leon Slappey

James Anderson

Kickboxing Instructor

Kayla Rooks

Yoga Instructor

Darrell Minyard

Level 2 CKM Instructor

Coty Lowery

Level 2 CKM Instructor

 S.F.C.  Will Hamilton

Level 2 CKM Instructor