Teaching Staff


Ray Wise

I have been primarily a healthcare provider for the last 20 years. My role in surgery is a Surgical Technician Contractor. I travel to Hospitals who need my experience to work in Trauma Surgery. I have seen and helped repair many vicious injuries to the human body. I have countless hours exposure to anatomy and have a great understanding of human physiology. This gives me an above average understanding of sensitive areas to focus on during conflict. Paired with my 5 years as a Reserve Deputy for Etowah County Sheriffs Office and my training through Alabama Krav Maga and Combat Survival International, I have the skills necessary to train you to defend yourself.  I have been a Martial Arts practitioner for over 10 years and love teaching my students to become better than what they think is possible.

Certified Level 3 Commando Krav Maga Instructor. Credentials at commandokravmaga.com

            Journeyman and Teacher of Kali.                                Under Guro Stanley Tippins                    and Guro Leon Slappey

Guro Leon Slappey

James Anderson

Kickboxing Instructor

Darrell Minyard

Level 2 CKM Instructor

Coty Lowery

Level 2 CKM Instructor

 S.F.C.  Will Hamilton

Level 2 CKM Instructor